The love for wine has been in our genes for generations. So long, in fact, that we can't say exactly when and how it all started. Our family has lived and worked on this estate for six generations.

Our winery is slightly hidden in the most historical corner of the winegrowing village of Laufen. The foundation stone for our historic winery was laid exactly 250 years ago, in 1774. By the way, the large, old wooden barrels in our cellar are only slightly younger: great-great-grandfather Wilhelm Konrad was - just like his father - not only a wine cooper but also a barrel cooper. Most of our old barrels were made by him.

Some of you may have already " got to know" the following generation. Fritz and Friedel Schlumberger are the namesakes of two of our Revoluzzer wines.

We, Rainer, Stephanie and Josefine Schlumberger, are now the 5th and 6th generation to manage the farm and our 6 hectares of vines. The small size of our estate allows us to take care of everything ourselves, from viticulture to the cellar to the marketing of our wines. We are delighted to be involved with our wines every step of the way, from planting the vines to wine tastings with you.